Meyer Laboratory provides solutions to a wide range of industrial customers.  Our scope of industrial customers is limitless.  From fabrication to transportation, our goal is to make recommendations that will enhance what each facility is currently doing.  By reducing the amount of time spent cleaning, this time savings can be applied to preventative maintenance and increased productivity.


At Meyer Laboratory, we have a complete chemical program that goes well beyond the selling of our products. We offer:

  • A customized component blending system
  • State of the Art Chemical Dispensing systems
  • Documentation and service reports to be utilized as support materials for audits
  • Customized, on-going training programs
  • Well trained staff that will work as your chemical specialist providing ongoing consultation
  • A Commitment to Excellence in all that we do!

Our customized Component Blending System is at the center of our chemical program.  We have a significant number of different components that can be formulated and customized to fit your cleaning needs.  Our unique blends of surfactants are designed to spontaneously emulsify soils, improve cleaning times and provide safer products.  We offer products that utilize water based technology, USDA A1 ratings, biodegradable and no SARA section 313 listed reportables.  Our program will offer unsurpassed superiority. 


“Since we started using Meyer Products not only have our floors returned to “like new” condition, but our floor scrubber and floor drains are cleaner than they have been in quite some time.”  - Magna Corporation

“We were able to reduce our VOC’s by 70%” - Goodyear Tire and Rubber

“It used to take use 2 ½ hours a shift to clean our facility.  Now with Meyer Technology, we can do it in less than an hour and a half.” - Leggett and Platt

“Meyer Laboratory is providing us with products that are helping us meet our Green initiative.  These products are more effective and more efficient at eliminating oil and other residue from the floors, thus making our plant a cleaner, safer workplace.” - Harley Davidson

“Meyer Laboratory has given us the ability to consolidate several products making cleaning simple and saving time and money.” - Caterpillar




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