Inside sales

Meyer’s sales development team provides an extension of your sales department through professional appointment setting. We work with you to create a specific message which will generate excitement about your product or service. This yields a significant increase in sales appointments for your sales team and added profits for your company!

Partnership with Meyer gives you a proven method of putting your sales people in front of more decision makers each day. We will be on the phones pre-setting appointments so your sales team can focus on their core competencies – closing more business!


  • Identify Your Unique Selling Proposition
    We ensure that your company stands apart from your competition.
  • Define Your Target Market
    You only see customers interested in your specific product or service.
  • Create a Message that will Resonate
    Generating excitement about your product or service.
  • Initiate a Call Campaign
    Putting your sales professional in front of more decision makers each day!


"We implemented this program during one of the worst economic times in history… and our sales grew!"
- Rusty Meyer

"Our partnership with Meyer has helped us increase our exposure to key markets we serve and secure more new customers. Our Sales representatives have never been happier!" - IH Services

Call today to make more out of tomorrow!

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