Printing & Packaging

When it comes to maintaining maximum cell
volume in anilox rolls, maintaining equipment
and floors in press area and providing superior
service to our customers, Meyer Laboratory has
set the standard!  Our programs have often
been imitated, but never duplicated.




All of our water based ink cleaning chemicals have the following benefits:

  • Reduce preventative maintenance time to a minimum
  • Maintain maximum cell volume, which improves print quality
  • Eliminate the need for special, messy, damaging and
    labor-intensive clean ups
  • Reduce down time when changing inks
  • Extend the life of equipment by preventing damage due to ink build up
  • Create a cleaner overall facility
  • Safe on waste management systems


We provide products that have superior performance capabilities and we continue to exceed our customer’s expectations.  Here is what a couple of our customers have said:

"Meyer Laboratory’s partnership has enabled us to provide our students with the most advanced cleaning process in the converting industry.” 
- Clemson University Printing and Converting Research Center

"34.8% decrease in set up times.”  - Smurfit Stone

"Before utilizing Meyer’s Program, we averaged $15,000 per year in pump failures due to ink build up.  Over the past three years we have spent Zero dollars on pump repairs.” - Temple Inland

"Without the use of Meyer Products, we would not have been able to keep our anilox rolls, equipment or press room in the state of cleanliness that is required for the production of high quality graphics.” - International Paper

"Meyer Products are not only safe for our employees; they are very easy for our press operators to use which in turn reduces our down time” - Pratt Industries

"We have completely eliminated the pitting of aluminum parts by switching to a Meyer Program.”   - PCA

"The feedback from the crews was overwhelming as to the success of the Meyer Products in just one week!"  - Solo Cup

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