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At Meyer Laboratory we believe in working with our customers to identify the highest level of needs and concerns, provide unique “Real World” solutions and most importantly, help integrate those solutions. Meyer Laboratory is in the business of cleaning process improvement. Ineffective or inefficient cleaning and sanitizing stands in the way of achieving many critical objectives for the facilities we serve.


The following are control points we strive to improve with every customer in every segment of cleaning:

  • Improve throughput and capacity
  • Reduce emissions/discharge (EPA, POTW, etc.)
  • Control and reduce expenses
  • Produce more with fewer resources and staff
  • Eliminate injuries and exposure
  • Avoid regulatory citations (FDA, USDA, OSHA, and EPA)
  • Pass customer and internal audits
  • Improve process performance, consistency, and quality

Our Strengths

  • A complete range of chemistries and application knowledge for critical process cleaning and sanitizing, infection control and contamination control.
  • Innovative packaging, chemical and supply delivery, injection-cost control dispensers, bulk delivery. DOT Certified.
  • Regulatory Compliance Knowledge, Compliant Systems, FDA Compliant Products.
  • Understanding ISO, cGMP, FDA, EPA, and USDA quality requirements, procedures, systems to successfully pass audits.
  • Commitment and experience to deliver a Total Quality Program, we are committed to creating a new performance and productivity standard for Critical Process Cleaning and Bio-decontamination. Meyer Laboratory works well with QA departments, Infection Control, Bio-Decontamination, and Sanitation Departments and Managers as well as individual staff labor and Lead associates and partners.
  • Two manufacturing locations in North America (USA, Canada). Our 60+ Sales and Service Associates ensure Regional and National Contract Agreement coverage and service. East Coast, West Coast, and Central United States Shipping Points.
  • Top notch corporate technical service department, commitment to service, 60+ trained sales and service technicians, professional compliance team and consultants.
  • The best end use cost and cleaning efficiency.


“The characteristic of Meyer Sanitation is their versatility.” - Procter and Gamble

“Meyer products allowed us to reduce our employee exposure to harmful products and create a safer work environment for my workers.”  - Mars

“Meyer Products are cost effective and lives up to our expectations.  They have made a significant improvement to our cleaning program.”  - Cargill

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