Warehouse & Distribution

Meyer Laboratory provides a diverse range of
distribution customers with solutions to meet
their specific cleaning and sanitation needs. 
Our customized component cleaning systems
for cleaning floors, wall, equipment and delivery
systems were developed to lower the cost of the
overall chemical program with an emphasis on
chemical consumption and labor costs.


We provide our customers with the following:

  • Personalized program designed to meet your specific facility needs
  • Enhanced shine on the floors
  • Safe and Effective Cleaning
  • Chemical dispensing units to minimize employee exposure improving overall safety
  • Emulsification technology
  • Food Grade solutions

We have a knowledgeable staff and programs to meet your specific needs and our customers are pleased with the results.


“Meyer products are used exclusively in our facility and they have replaced 5 other cleaning products.  Since the implementation of the Meyer Program, our banana room cleaning labor time has been reduced 50%.”
  - Nash Finch

“Your freezer cleaner is the only thing we’ve found that keeps our floors from becoming an ice skating rink but still makes cleaning the mold and soils easy.” - Del Monte

“I have been looking for a safe and affordable product to use in our facility and have found it with Meyer Laboratory.”  - Costco Warehouse

“The Meyer program has enhanced our entire cleaning program!  It used to take us 45 minutes to fill our scrubbers, now with the Meyer Quick Fill System; we can fill in 5 minutes.”  - Wal-Mart Distribution

“We have been using the Meyer Hand Soap Program for the past four months and we really love it.  The reservoir dispenser assures us that we are not wasting any product.”  - Target Distribution

“I would definitely recommend Meyer Products to any operation.”  - Sysco




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